Post-Divorce Planning

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Certified Divorce Financial Analysts in Tacoma, Washington

Post Divoice PlanningFew things in life can be as challenging as going through the process of divorce. Everything changes at the same time. In addition to the personal changes, you have financial changes to deal with. Questions surrounding the asset division come to the forefront — How much money do you need? What taxes do I need to pay? How do I organize the assets that I am receiving from the divorce?

When you put it all together, it adds up to the question of "Will I be OK?" David A. Stolz is a CPA/PFS, CFP®, and a CFDA® who, along with the team at Stolz & Associates, P.S., can help you plan your finances after marriage.

David A. Stolz is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® in Tacoma, WA, who is frequently referred by attorneys, as we have extensive experience helping people build their new life after divorce. Our process begins by reviewing the list of assets that you may receive from your divorce. These are the financial “building blocks” for your future. We review these assets for tax opportunities and then help you build a cash flow model for your future. The model includes determining how much income you will have, what your spending needs are, how and when to pay your taxes, etc. Moving forward, our divorce financial advisors work together to manage your investments and continually refine your financial plan until it feels like it's a perfect fit for you.

In addition to Tacoma, WA, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® David A. Stolz has helped people going through contentious divorces in:

  • Gig Harbor, WA
  • University Place, WA
  • Tacoma, WA
  • And more!

Mediation, Negotiation, or Trial

Divorce proceedings can quickly become personal, hurtful, and complicated due to the nature of the breakup. Utilizing Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® David A. Stolz in Tacoma, WA, can help the divorce process run more smoothly, regardless of whether it is resolved by mediation, negotiation, trial or other dispute resolution process.

We work with you throughout every step of the process to help you receive the fair shake you deserve. David A. Stolz, CFDA®, has extensive experience in helping clients understand what exactly they are agreeing to.  We sit down with you before your mediation or other settlement process to give you a clear understanding of the numbers so your finances after marriage can be in the best place possible for your future.

Asset Division

Rarely do divorces end in a truly equal split of assets. Even if the assets are split “evenly”, certain assets may have different tax implications, leading to an uneven split on an after-tax basis.  Asset division makes up some of the most common reasons divorce ends in such a highly contested manner. An experienced divorce financial advisor can help you ensure that your assets are protected, and you aren't taken advantage of during the process.

With Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® David A. Stolz helping you in Tacoma, WA, you can ensure that your financial future in the state of Washington is secure. We can help you ensure that your future assets go where they are intended without interruption. 

QDRO's and Retirement Accounts

When planning your financial future after a divorce, an important consideration is how the retirement assets of you and your ex will be split.  Part of that process includes utilizing a qualified domestic relations order (QDRO) to ensure the money is split appropriately.  We can help facilitate this transfer.

A QDRO is a legal document from your divorce that outlines who receives your retirement plan assets based on what was agreed to in your divorce settlement. Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® David A. Stolz in Tacoma, WA, can help clients execute this arrangement.

CFDA® certificant David A. Stolz, along with his team at Stolz & Associates, P.S., is ready to help you prepare and plan for your financial future after your divorce. We proudly help people in Tacoma, Gig Harbor, and University Place, WA, get the financial clarity they need. In addition to post-divorce planning we also provide our clients with extensive retirement planning and wealth management services.

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