Post Divorce Planning

Post Divoice PlanningFew things in life can be as difficult as going through the process of divorce. Everything changes at the same time. In addition to the personal changes, you have the financial changes to deal with. How much money do you need? What taxes do I need to pay? How do I organize the assets that I am receiving from the divorce? When you put it all together, it adds up to the question of "Will I be OK"?

We are frequently referred by attorneys as we have extensive experience helping people rebuild after divorce. Our process begins by taking the list of assets that you will receive from your the divorce. This is the building block for your future. We review these assets for tax opportunities, and then build the cash flow model for your future. The model includes determining how much income you will have, how and when to pay your taxes, etc. Moving forward, we work together to manage your investments and continually refine your financial plan until it feels like it's a perfect fit for you.