Experienced Wealth Management Services in Tacoma, WA

Wealth ManagementWealth Management is the combination of solid financial planning and coordinated investment management strategy. Lots of people want to manage your investments, but coordination with the planning will result in the greatest benefit to you. We don't just tell you to contact your tax advisor with tax questions; we assist with your tax planning and invest in a tax-efficient manner. Combine this with other areas of financial planning, such as cash flow planning, estate planning, etc., and you have a powerful ally to help you succeed with your finances and provide you peace of mind.

Stolz & Associates believes that our philosophy provides a better planning and investment experience. Our wealth management services in Tacoma, WA, features an approach that is transparent and easy to explain because it relies on basic valuation methods and extensive empirical research. Our process is validated by a long track record of implementation.

Our wealth advisors aim to provide sound investment management and risk management to help your money continue to grow and provide for you and your family's financial futures. We've helped clients throughout Washington improve their overall financial health, including:

●    Gig Harbor, WA
●    University Place, WA
●    Tacoma, WA
●    And more!

Finding the right wealth management service in Tacoma, WA, means knowing what you want in the future. Stolz & Associates, P.S. takes the time to understand your current financial situation and what your future needs can look like makes your approach to planning for those possibilities go more smoothly. 

Asset Protection and Risk Management

A significant component of our wealth management services in Tacoma, WA, involves ensuring you have the best fitting asset protection practices in place to keep your money as safe as possible. Our team takes a proactive approach to asset protection and risk management by carefully selecting the appropriate portfolio for you and by utilizing account structures that have protections from creditors when possible. Keeping your most valuable assets protected while remaining in compliance with the law is a delicate balancing act that requires an experienced wealth advisor. 

Estate Planning

Thinking about what happens to your money after you are gone can prove a complex topic to discuss. Inheritance and “who gets what” can quickly become a contentious subject. However, with our experienced wealth management service in Tacoma, WA, we can help make your legacy planning more approachable. 

Our approach to legacy planning involves a joint effort to work with you to develop a plan that makes the most sense for your family. It consists of a combination of inheritance planning, trust management, and creating a dedicated program to figure out where you want your money to go. We'll help you ensure a smooth wealth transfer that your family can respect after you are gone.  

Investment Management

Maximizing the funds available to you before and during your retirement revolves around having a sound investment management strategy that can keep your assets in a good place. Identifying proper cash flow planning techniques can help give you peace of mind that your finances will not run out in the middle of your retirement. 

Our wealth management services in Tacoma, WA, provide you with an experienced voice that has helped a wide variety of clients navigate the investment markets and get their financial futures set. We work with you to develop investment strategies that you are comfortable with and help make changes when you want to make them. It's a collaborative process between our team of financial planners.  

Tax Planning

Even though your “paycheck” may stop upon retirement, it doesn't mean you have to stop worrying about taxes all together. With income taxes on your social security, pensions, non-retirement investments, and IRA distributions, you should have a plan in place to handle these taxes and keep your finances in good health. 

Our wealth advisors specialize in helping you take the proper tax planning steps to help reduce how much gets taken out of your retirement assets so you can have more to use as you see fit. Our team has helped countless clients throughout the Washington area take control of their financial future, including people in Gig Harbor and University Place, WA. 

Trust Management

A potentially important part of your financial plan revolves around establishing a trust within your estate. Whether a trust should be included in your plan is very situation-specific, but trusts can potentially help create a smooth wealth transfer process when your assets are passed down to your beneficiaries after you’re gone. To help set the trust up for success after you're gone, having an advisor on your side that you can rely on becomes critical. 

As high-net-worth wealth managers, our team is well versed in trust management, with experience in managing the assets held in trusts. Trust management is a process that requires time, patience, and a sound strategy, and we can help properly manage the risk/return characteristics of your investment portfolio inside your trust. 

Properly managing your wealth requires a thorough understanding of your current assets, future needs, best risk management practices, and how to best manage your wealth. Stolz & Associates, P.S. has experience in managing our client's assets and ensuring they and their beneficiaries are on stable financial footing. 

We also specialize in post-divorce planning and a full suite of retirement planning services for our clients. Contact our team to schedule an appointment today!